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The Smooth Smoke With the Best Safety

Since its commercialization in the early 1980s, the smoke alarm has reduced the average number of deaths in a fire from 180 to 70 annually.

Did You Know?

  • On average, about 16,000 fires occur each year in Here?
  • Nearly one-third of residential building fires start in the kitchen?
  • Nearly half are due to distraction (47%) and cooking appliances (oven, stove and other cooking equipment) are the triggers for the fires?

The Best Way To Save Your Life And Those Of Your Loved Ones

The smoke alarm is the best way to save lives. Regularly check its operation, whether battery or electric.

Replace the alarms according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, usually every ten years. The date of manufacture or expiration is indicated on the case. In the absence of such a date, do not take any risk, replace the device immediately. For smoke safely you would get the best options in that case.

How to choose a smoke alarm

  • Where to install it
  • How to install it
  • How to maintain it
  • How to check it
  • When to replace it
  • How to eliminate your old smoke alarms
  • Responsibilities of owners and tenants

Additional tips

How To Choose A Smoke Alarm

  • The ionization smoke alarm is the most common. He settles near the bedrooms.
  • The photocell smoke alarm is installed near the kitchen, bathroom and heaters, as it triggers fewer unnecessary alarms caused by moisture or cooking fumes.
  • The buzzer with a long life lithium battery is a good choice. The battery, located in a sealed compartment, has a lifespan of ten years.
  • If an occupant is deaf or hard of hearing, it is recommended to install smoke alarms that combine strobe light and sound.

In new construction, the smoke alarm must be connected to the electrical system. It should ideally contain a backup battery in case of power failure.

The logo of the Underwriters Laboratory must seemat the smoke alarm, indicating that it meets nation standards.This smoke alarm doesn’t detect carbon monoxides, so you also need a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm.

Where to Install It

The sound signal must be clearly heard in all bedrooms, even when the doors are closed, or in all rooms of a dwelling.

  • Install a smoke alarm per floor, including the basement.
  • Install one in the hallway near the bedrooms.
  • Install one in each bedroom where the closed door is sleeping.
  • Install one near a staircase.

Make sure all occupants hear the smoke alarm when sleeping. If not, install a smoke alarm in the room of those who cannot hear it.Also install a smoke alarm at the cottage. In proportion, there are more deaths at the cottage than at the main residence.If each floor is more than 10 meters (35 feet), install 2 horns per floor, 1 near each end.

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