More smokers are able to quit smoking – Use of e-cigarettes face a sudden fall

When the electronic cigarettes came into the scene in the year 2006, they were promoted as smoking cessation tools or smoking alternatives. Electronic cigarettes have always courted controversies due to which too many people have expressed their doubts on the effectiveness as a product to quit smoking. Many smokers and non-smokers scoffed at the idea of carrying forward this transition. Recently, there was a report from PHE or Public Health England which threw light on how useful these devices are in making people quit smoking.

With the large number of people who are successfully ditching smoking, there is a sudden fall in the usage of electronic cigarettes and it has plateaued for several reasons. Scroll down to know more on this.

Reports revealed on e-cigarette usage

As per the report, one of the main takeaways is that usage of e-cigs among adults has levelled out as the focus of smokers has shifted towards quitting smoking. Both e-liquids and e-cigarettes have proved themselves to be the most effective devices to quit smoking. Only 4% took an attempt to ditch smoking through Stop Smoking Services in England.

It is shocking enough to note that in spite of the fact that electronic cigarettes are the most effective way of quitting smoking, there are still third of smokers who have never tried vaping. There is clearly enough chance for the smokers to get a taste of freedom which vaping can give you and which can eventually lead you to ditch smoking forever.

Despite the reports from the United States which suggest that there is an epidemic of teenage vapers among us, the story isn’t true for the Brit youngsters. There are lots of experimentations among the young generation but even then, regular use of e-cigs still remains low. Just 1.8% of the people under 18 years of age use e-cigs weekly and majority of them also continue to smoke along with vaping. On the contrary, among the youth who have never smoked a cigarette, only 0.2% uses electronic cigarettes every day.

Smoking rates keep plummeting

Among the people who have ditched the habit of smoking and who also want others to do the same, smoking rates have kept plummeting among the young and adults. Only 15% of adults in the UK now smoke and this is indeed good news for the country. One more study that was published also found out that electronic cigarettes were the most effective devices for quitting smoking as compared to other nicotine replacement devices.

In a nutshell, this is indeed good news for the nation that e-cigarettes have successfully helped millions of people quit smoking. If you too are someone who is trying his best to quit smoking, get your vape pen kit from a trusted site and start vaping rather than smoking.

Why some smokers outlive non-smokers

If you’ve grown up with a grandfather that was smoking well into his 70s and still lived to see 90, then you might feel at odds. Data shows that smoking tobacco reduces your life expectancy. There are other such narratives of daily smokers who lived past 100 and are even still alive to tell the story. It is not that they are overly fit and watch their diet; they do things that even without smoking scientists insist lead to poor health. What is the reason for this discrepancy?

Longevity gene

Research published called Series A: Biological Sciences & Medical Sciences reveals that such persons have genetic markers that make them well able to navigate and negate external forces that would otherwise cause damage. While one person will have ten fewer years to live than non-smokers, you will find that others are relatively unaffected by exposure to smoking. Their genes, as per the report published on Journals of Gerontology, can maintain and repair itself on a cellular level. That reduces the impact that smoking would otherwise have on the average person.

It is relatively rare

The research is based on data on 820 participants, 90 of whom were smokers and lived past the age of 80 years. The rest were shown to have lived to be less than 70 years of age. Of the former group, their health metrics show that they were similar to those of their age at the time in all facets. Those how died before seventy were in a lot worse shape than their peers. It doesn’t pick and choose; a birth injury lawyer might go on well into old age. Another, a nutritionist, might not be as lucky.

Equally, this was a small sample size, making the findings limiting. For those who are aware of a relative who lived long and was a smoker, for them it works to affirm the behavior perhaps. That should however not act as the reason to maintain a smoking habit; you are probably more not likely than likely to have inherited the same gene.

The future of smokers

Until there is extensive research, for now, one cannot tell if they carry the gene. There might come a time where companies might have the available technology where people can test their health risk based on genes. Remember, this longevity gene also helps such person evade other diseases, primarily those smoking cause.

In the meantime, it is agreed that smoking is at the top with one of the worst things to the body. Therefore, no one should tempt fate by using such data to think they may have won the gene lottery. Chewing, smoking or secondhand smoke is still known to do irreparable damage to the body.

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